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The kingdom’s vision and methodology training with Gulf Center for Training and Consulting:

Based technical specifications for training on three basic pillars: Article coach, training venue, the training package

First coach Article:

Coach is one of the sides of the triangle important training which form a vital pillar for the success of the training process, but it could be argued that the coach is the most important pillar might be able to make the training process of a successful operation but were not trained to assist his environment. Among the most important features at Gulf of training and consulting that can acknowledge them in this agreement are our consultants and trainers technicians and professionals who rely on them in the implementation of training programs have been taken into consideration in our selection and choice for our consultants and our trainers qualifications so they do not get out: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in addition to the training of trainers who obtained it cycles where that is not qualified is the only indicator of the level of scientific coach, and also the training experience, which represents an important part of the training process success criteria, where it is known that the more experienced trainer, the better the level of performance training and in the preparation and willingness to train as an indicator of paved road performance, as reflected in the preparation and a willingness on the performance significantly.

Training two-way process which has to be interaction between the trainer and trainees, receivers coach the observations of others, not simply our consultants and our instructors threw scientific material, but they have to make sure to absorb the trainees through the review which is made by linking the session and the objectives of the session and summarize the most important ideas and linking practical reality as it represents training Introduction to check the alarm to some of the experiences and events that might be exposed to the trainees in the future.

Keen the Gulf of training and consulting on the transfer of expertise and efficiency for employees through training or work at the head of the operation for the duration of the training program and enable them to obtain international professional certificates, take advantage of the available team advisory work experiences

Second place Training:

The basic elements
Full training equipment
Appropriate space and flexibility of movement and good visibility
Calm the general atmosphere
Secondary elements
The shape and design of the training session shall be according to the type of program
Site location vital training
Provide a site for rest periods

Thirdly training site:

main cities
(Riyadh – Jeddah – Al Khobar – Yanbu – Medina)

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