Gulf Training & Consultation

Curriculum Design & Customisations:

  • According to GULF TRAINING AND CONSULTATION CENTER experience in previous years, GULF TRAINING develop and design special training programs contents for customer, and it stems from a previous practical experience and our trainers and advisers in GULF TRAINING
    also combine practical experience with academic knowledge,
    This level of professional training comes to meet the most basic needs of customers or for the design of integrated solutions and radical exceed our customers’ expectations.

In-House Training:

  • GULF TRAINING works closely with a number of international principals from around the world to deliver diversity in the solutions offered; including City & Guilds and The Institute of Leadership Management.
    An in-house course is delivered specifically for the client requesting it for internally nominated delegates.  These courses can be delivered in English and in Arabic either ‘out of the box’ or with further tailoring and customisation.

Public Training Courses:

  • GULF TRAINING offers public courses, scheduled at predetermined intervals throughout a calendar year in different competency areas.
    The frequency of the courses is determined by the popularity and/or the specialisation of the course, attended by professionals from diverse industry specialisations.
    The opportunity to learn from others is heightened in a public course and fosters learning that is holistic and objective; free of the challenges of a participant’s employment environment.

ONLINE Training:

GULF TRAINING offers solutions that facilitate the development, delivery, and administration of online learning and collaborates with partners that provide independent and interoperable systems.
GULF TRAINING enables its clients with solutions and skills sets to nurture sustainable and seamless self-study opportunities.

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