Gulf Training & Consultation


• Training now became one of the most important methods used to raise and develop the skills of workers in various areas, and it is clear that improving human performance is the main goal of each entity, in order to cope with these ongoing changes in the global markets. And from this concept we’ve provided modern training that develops the knowledge, skills and increases productivity process for those who are on the job and aspire to improve the levels of functionality. Making us prepare for the renewal of the challenge and open new markets.

• We are ambitious training center, competitive, as well as committed to provide modern integrated training solutions in terms of high quality of service, performance, and strive to achieve our customers’ satisfaction through the experience of our team.


GULF TRAINING AND CONSULTATION CENTER a global initiative developed to raise level of training and consulting through increasing the efficiency of public and private institutions, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, as well as consulting and solutions for service and rehabilitation institutions.


• We seek to raise the performance level of education, training, educational and academic bodies by applying best practices in various training areas by scientific and practical training which more involved with reality.

• We believe that quality comes first and we are committed to provide our trainees with high quality services and a high level of customer service.


• We are committed to providing high quality services, and high quality means excellence.
• Commitment to providing developmental advanced and integrated solutions.
• Provide all that is new and modern in the world of training.
• We believe that customer satisfaction is our bridge to success.
• We believe that the client’s interests come first.
• We believe that perfection will lead us to continue.
• We rely on providing training programs by elite group of trainers from accredited training institutions and International Academy.

Training Programs

• We offer the service of contractual programs allocated to public and private sector to provide the training programs their requirements with highest efficiency and effectiveness.

• We provide training programs required by individuals looking to improve their abilities in particular area of work.


• GULF TRAINING AND CONSULTATION CENTER exceeds in consulting services due to attention to details. We focus on accurate data collection, analysis, and designing the best solutions that helps our clients achieve their goals.

Language Training

• We provide professional language training courses due to the training mechanisms that we have developed over the past years by the best of accredited consultants.

Our Training Programs

• Accounting and Finance.
• Engineering Training Programs
• Management, Development and Supervision.
• Human Resources and Training Management.
• Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.
• Secretarial and Office Administration.
• Security Training Programs.
• Law Training Programs.
• Media and Public Relations.
• Petroleum and Mining (Chemical Engineering)
• Occupational Safety And Health
• Civil Defense Training Programs
• Environment and Food Safty.
• Health and medical services management
• procurement, warehousing and logistics management
• Quality and production management
• Customs operations and control
• Statistics and Analysis
• Information technology and network security

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