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Course Objectives

Successful Managing and Building Strategic Partnerships require a strategic vision, a balanced relationship, and brokerage skills to bring collaborating parties together to contribute to their maximum. This Gulf Training & Consultation Center training course will focus on advances in management theory and practice of strategic alliances, business networks and collaborative ventures. The Managing Strategic Alliances & Partnerships training course is designed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of managers, to enable them to excel in collaborative situations. Through this training course, managers and executives will learn how to manage long-term strategic alliances and partnerships, how to optimize the interest of their organization, and how to facilitate collaborative decision making for future growth. by providing the participants with the following knowledge and skills:

  • build collaborative advantage and accelerate position through partnership networks.
  • Manage partnerships within and across organizations.
  • The most effective ways to manage business relationships.
  • How the organization performs in a collaborative situation.
  • Develop awareness, knowledge and skills – how to gain competitive advantage through business networks, strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Develop frameworks for building collaborative advantage.
  • Enable delegates to gain insights into the successful design and implementation of business partnerships.
  • Complement management skills with advanced collaborative techniques.
  • Build cultural awareness of how to overcome barriers to collaboration.



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Course Target

This training course is specifically designed for professionals in all areas of strategy and operations who seek to upgrade their collaborative skills and learn how to manage long-term partnerships, strategic alliance and joint ventures.

Managing and Building Strategic Partnerships

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/12/08
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