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Course Objectives

Despite the efforts of the Occupational Safety Administration, accidents sometimes occur on the job. These unplanned accidents can negatively affect the business’s functioning and may include work-related injuries, occupational diseases, property damage and fires. Thus, all incidents must be thoroughly investigated, demonstrating proven company-wide efficiency and effectiveness associated with the Safety Management System (SMS). The more serious the accident, the more investigation. However, even a minor accident or a near-sudden incident also requires a thorough investigation as this may reveal a high probability of serious accidents in the future if the circumstances are left uncorrected. While accidents seem to happen for obvious reasons, there may be things that contribute to the accident that are not always clear until after the accident. This course provides confidence and professional competence to conduct a comprehensive investigation of accidents by familiarizing the participant with the following skills:

  • Develop knowledge and skills to investigate all adverse events.
  • Develop confidence and professionalism in investigation, interviews and reporting.
  • Why and who is doing the investigation?
  • Investigation methodology, a basic six-step process.
  • Characteristics of the accident analysis program.
  • The two main components that contribute to the cause of the accident.
  • Why investigations should be constructive, professional, credible and timely.
  • Understand the causes of accidents and poor condition and understand the elements that combine to form an accident.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors are familiar with the occupational safety management system.


Course Target

Accident Investigation and Reporting

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/11/24
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