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Course Objectives

‘Going back to basics’ is the main theme of this highly interactive course which aims to help participants recognize the need to simplify their organizational processes and procedures. The course from Gulf Training and Consultation Center will provide the participants with international best practices which will help them understand causes of complexity and identify areas for improvement by focusing on eliminating waste, simplifying procedures, and standardizing and automating opportunities. Participants in this practical course will also learn to use tools to map and diagram processes and procedures revealing issues and opportunities for improvement. Various hands-on tools will present participants with the opportunity to transfer this knowledge to their organization and expect immediate results. By providing the participants with the following skills and knowledge:

  • Provide participants with an integrated understanding and practical information of the best ways and techniques to simplify work.
  • Providing the trainees with technical methods in preparing organizational structures and studying the motives and justifications for the organization.
  • Develop, maintain and modify internal procedures and policies within the organization
  • Refine the skills of analyzing problems in building organizational structures according to scientific foundations and the reality of practical application.
  • The foundations, principles and modern trends applicable in the fields of administrative affairs in leading organizations.
  • Maintaining professional relations between the employees themselves and the employees and management in general and their departments in particular
  • Knowledge of the principles of institutional design and the relationship of those principles to the level of complexity.
  • Determine the implications of complex policies and procedures in organizations.
  • Use of process flow charts and work charts techniques.
  • Compare different tools to simplify, chart, analyze and distribute work tasks effectively.
  • Realizing the importance of office design and operations in improving the level of institutional efficiency



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Course Target

Managers, supervisors and employees who are involved in the design or simplification of procedures as well as end users.

Business Process Management and Improvement (BPM)

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/10/27
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