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Course Objectives

This course uses a combination of theory and practical application of course concepts. Participants will engage in simulation exercises combined with round table discussions of real life situations allowing them to gain a strong grip on the knowledge and skills presented in this course. By familiarizing the participants with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the field of Organizational Development (OD)
  • Assess the organization readiness for development
  • Present OD related data analytics
  • Draft an OD strategy
  • Implement change management processes


  • OD overview
    •  Introduction to the field of Organizational Development
    • The Main Conceptual Framework of OD
    • OD History and Pioneers
    • Action Research Model
    • Identifying Needs
    • Assessing the organization readiness for development
    • How OD has benefited HR and the organization?
  • OD analytics
    • Creating Data Collection Tools
    • Preparing and Facilitating Feedback Sessions
    • Conducting Interviews and Feedback
    • Big Data
    • Collecting and Analyzing Data
    • Presenting Data and Observations
    • Data collection plan
    • Gaining Agreement and Buy-in
    • Setting Priorities
  •  OD strategy
    • Origins of strategy
    • Strategic Planning
    • SWOT analysis
    • Vision statement
    • Mission statement
    • Strategic Goals
    • OD strategy
    • Competency Centricity
    • Compensation Centricity
    • Performance Centricity
    • Identifying Action Plans
    • Creating Project Plans
  •  OD intervention and change
    • Designing OD Interventions
    • Organizing Customer Needs
    • What is change management?
    • Implementing Change Management Process
    • Internal Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
    • Evaluating Results
    • Sustaining Change
  • OD maintenance
    • Preparing the organization for Maintenance
    • Creating a preventive system
    • Spending versus end results ROI
    • Auditing sustainability
    • Proactivity and continuous development
    • Dialogic versus Diagnostic OD

Course Target


The course can be attended by HR professionals, OD practitioners, HR consultants & trainers and anyone who is interested in the field of OD.

Certified Organization Development Professional

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/07/21
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