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Course Objectives


Training course “ISO 50001” delivered by Gulf Training and Consultation Center specifies the requirements for organizations to develop, implement, and improve Energy Management Systems (EnMS). This allows organizations to follow a specific framework that helps them achieve continual improvement in energy performance, efficiency, usage, and consumption. This framework specifies the measurements, documents, and reports, which enable organizations to monitor the progress of their processes and employees towards energy performance. Training course enables you to learn the advanced elements to implement and manage an (EnMS). During this training, you will be able to understand modules of an EnMS, including EnMS policy, procedures, performance measurements, management commitment, management review and continual improvement, and be able to decrease an organization`s energy costs and improve its energy performance and sustainability. Training course enables you to develop the necessary expertise to perform an (EnMS) audit by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques. In addition, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to plan and carry out internal and external audits in compliance with ISO 19011 and ISO 17021. In addition, you will understanding the differences between ISO 50001:2011 and ISO 50001:2018. In addition, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to support an organization in planning and implementing the process of transitioning from an ISO 50001:2011 EnMS to ISO 50001:2018.

Educational Approach:

  • Practical exercises include examples and discussions.
  • This training is based on both theory and best practices used in ISO 50001 audits.

Why Gulf Training and Consultation Center?

  • We have a large pool of experienced and professional auditors that are qualified internationally.
  • The competency of our multi-disciplined auditors adds value and credibility to our certificates.


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Course Target

Energy Management Systems ISO 50001

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/07/28
Language: ,
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