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Course Objectives

  • Familiarize participants with the system for the successful management of human resources
  • To provide participants with the ability to develop human resources and investment in human capital
  • The definition and the means of action of human resources and mechanisms to identify the best practices in the development of human resources
  • Definition of Human Resources Management managers how to judge the contribution of human resources to achieve the organization’s goals
  • Identify the human resources management system and the pillars of human resource managers
  • Recognize innovators and outstanding attributes that organizations need them to work
  • Knowledge of the administrative excellence and evaluate the results and improve working skills
  • Why inevitability of excellence and improve the results of the work and how to evaluate employee performance.
  • Identify the personal interviews and how to conduct functional tests skills


Advanced concepts and basic principles of human resources management:

  • Pillars of human resource managers to achieve excellence and innovation job
  • Concept and importance and goals of the Human Resources Management System
  • Different approaches to the development of human resources management.
  • The principles and foundations of scientific human resources management as an entry point of competitive advantage It features contemporary organization and the role of human resources management.
  • The importance of human resources and management changes in human resources management practices


Human Resources Planning:

  • The importance and objectives of human resources planning.
  • Who is responsible for human resource planning.
  • Human resource planning data structure.
  • Forecasting of employment.
  • Advanced methods to predict about supply of labor.
  • Integrated frameworks for human resources planning


Steps of selection and appointment, analysis and job descriptions:

  • Ways to deal with the demand and supply of labor in cases of surplus and deficit.
  • The merits to determine the kinds of jobs required.
  • Use the credibility and reliability standards in the selection of professionals.
  • Analysis gauges the yield of employment.
  • Stages and methods of analysis and classification of jobs and the division of functions.
  • Uses analysis of job descriptions and job description cards.
  • Systems and ISO standards to be met in a job analysis and job descriptions


Excellence in training and development of human resources management:

  • The concept of strategic training and the relationship between training and investment in human capital.
  • The methodology of modern thought and planning processes for training and requirements.
  • Measuring the return of the strategic training
  • Assess and evaluate the return on investment in strategic training tools


Procedural aspects of the application of quality standards in human resources management:

  • The importance of total quality in human resources management
  • Quality effective method in the assessment and evaluation processes
  • The role of TQM in functionality to develop and define performance standards
  • Curriculum change using “kaizen” theory in the identification of training requirements
  • The success of strategic training processes through the application of standards of quality factors.
  • Fourteen standards for availability of quality in terms of human resources management.
  • Principles “and where” the quality of the strategic evaluation of training

Course Target

  • Managers and heads of departments of human resources and personnel
  • Staff sections and departments of human resources, personnel and employees and directors of departments and departments of the organization
  • Committees personal interviews and employment

Modern and Comprehensive Human Resources Management

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2023/02/12
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