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Course Objectives

In this training course form Gulf Training and Consultation Center, the participants will be introduced with the skills of administrative investigation, the formulation of the administrative decision, the meaning of the administrative decision and its elements, the types of administrative decisions and their legal provisions, the rules of administrative investigations, how to discover administrative violations, the basics and principles of the public office, the disciplinary authority, and the judicial oversight of the investigation procedure. The course will also include an explanation of administrative investigation skills, its controls, guarantees, provisions, and how it is conducted. Also, explaining and rooting disciplinary violations and the disciplinary system in human resources and civil service laws, types of administrative decisions, and how to develop the skills of drafting and preparing administrative investigations. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Acquisition of practical skill in dealing with investigations.
  • Knowing how to study the evidence, prove or deny the accusation against the violator, and reveal disciplinary violations. • Knowledge of employee rights and obligations.
  • Develop the skills of professionally writing disciplinary investigation notes and investigation records.
  • Knowing how to study and audit the basic features of violations and what actions are considered violations or not.
  • Knowing the general rules of investigation and practicing practical applications of how to manage an investigation.
  • Acquisition of techniques for conducting administrative investigations, preparing reports and investigation recommendations and following them up
  • Mixing theory and practice in the disciplinary investigation and knowing how to act in the investigation.
  • Knowledge of the disciplinary penalties that may be imposed on the violating employee.
  • Acquisition of practical skills – technical or legal – to draft reports and notes on the facts



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Course Target

Investigators in the field of administrative investigations, managers, heads of administrative departments and administrators and employees of the administrative judiciary, employees of the human resources department, and employees of the legal departments.

Professional Skills in Conducting Administrative Investigations

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/02/04
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