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Course Objectives


This training course from Gulf Training and Consultation Center enables your organization has a tool that supports every step of service lifecycle, from ideation to planning, from delivery to improvement. Such a tool exists in the form of a service management system, based on an internationally recognized standard ISO 20000. Service Management System (SMS) a standard that sets out the minimum requirements for an organization to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a service. Service Management System (SMS) consists of policies, processes, resources, objectives, and documented information that are put together and coordinated to achieve the objectives of the organization. An effective Service Management System (SMS) enables organizations to direct and control their service management activities, identify and mitigate risks related to their activities, and identify and realize opportunities that improve service provision. The requirements of ISO 20000 are generic and applicable to organizations of all sizes, sectors, and complexities. According to ISO organization, this standard is applicable to various services (IT infrastructure, services, finance, cloud, business process outsourcing, etc.). ISO 20000 is created based on the High-Level Structure (HLS). This alignment in structure enables an easier integration with other management systems based on standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 22301. Apart from ensuring consistency and reducing costs, integrating several management systems can increase the organization’s capabilities to deliver consistent and quality services and can assist in the maintenance and improvement of a sustainable business model. In addition, the training course aims to provide in-depth understanding of ISO 20000 requirements, as well as good practices and approaches used for the implementation and subsequent maintenance of the service management system.


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Services Management System ISO 20000

Duration: 5 Days
Start Date: 2024/06/16
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